Damian Jackson

Damian Jackson

Conceptual Graphic Designer


Damian Jackson is a Conceptual Graphic Designer/Creative Lead with 20 years’ industry experience. For him, the idea behind the creative is everything. He has experience across numerous large-scale projects in branding, packaging design, animation, digital, integrated campaigns, photography concepting & art direction, point of sale design, exhibition design and brochure design to list a few. He is able to lead projects from initial concept through to delivery, whilst always delivering the highest standards. Damian has worked on projects for clients including Siemens, AkzoNobel, Wyevale Garden Centres, Catexel, Thomas Sanderson, Vetplus, Skil Powertools, Tayto/Golden Wonder Crisps, Homebase and Tesco.

Damian's work


CHALLENGE: Catexel are a speciality chemical business. A brand needed to be developed from the new positioning of ‘Catalysts for Change’. It needed to showcase they are change leaders; developing technologies that help the planet.

SOLUTION: An earth-like crystal structure brandmark evokes the connection between what Catexel do and how this ultimately helps create a better future for the planet, whilst the ‘x’ acts as a support hinting at the positive change they make. Unique tesselation patterns, reportage photography, website and a brand book were also created.

Refinery Christmas Book

CHALLENGE: Create a Christmas card to show how creative Refinery can be.

SOLUTION: A Christmas card doesn’t have to be ‘a card’. It can be a book of Christmas thoughts and ideas to help make clients’ Christmases more fun.

Tayto Crisps

MR PORKY: A pack design featuring grease-proof paper, tied with string, conveyed the hand-cooked message. Whilst harking back to pork scratchings gone by, traditionally made at the butchers. This gave the pack a premium artisan look appealing to the target market. The Mr Porky logo was given a pig tail twist.

GOLDEN LIGHTS: A simple play on the product being heavenly and not a sin was all that was needed.

TRANSFORM-A-SNACK: Take a dated pack design and bring it in to the modern video game age.

Siemens Keadby2

CHALLENGE: Introduce the new revolutionary Keadby2 power station project to the local area and press.

SOLUTION: At the heart of this project was a Siemens’ turbine. This was represented as a circle, linking to a new form of energy generation. This shape was used across all communications including the launch animation, communications and signage.

AkzonNobel Sustainability Studio

CHALLENGE: Create a multi-functional space within the AkzoNobel head office to showcase the positive impact of sustainability initiatives whilst also inspiring staff to be sustainable in their everyday work life.

SOLUTION: The creation of a multi-use space, which uses engaging, interactive pieces to share the sustainability story. Custom, multi-use information panels were designed and installed which could be folded away to open the space up for talks.

Skil Power Tools

CHALLENGE: Skil Europe required a visual concept to convey the message #SKILhelps and what this symbolised. New products that are lightweight and easy to use with better performance that help you get more jobs done. Supported by easy to understand online DIY guides.

SOLUTION: An isometric roomset concept was devised, this would give Skil its own unique visual look whilst also allowing the #SKILhelps message to be conveyed by showing the same person doing multiple jobs at one time. This concept was also developed into YouTube bumper ads.

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